Weight Management

Many of us have struggled with weight management at some times in our lives.

Sitting at an office desk all day, childbirth, medication and hectic lives can all result in no time for exercise and hurried eating which lead to weight gain.

So what is to be done?

Diets work in the short term but can be difficult to maintain.

Hypnotherapy offers a viable alternative. It works because it helps us to reprogramme our subconscious so that we stop craving the high calorie foods which sabotage any diet.

I also offer the Hypnotic gastic band technique, which allows the subconscious to beileve that the stomach can only hold small amounts, and therefore reduces the intake of food to three small meals a day, until the required weight loss is achieved. The benefit of this technique is that it harnesses the amazing power and potential of the human mind and is completely non-invasive so there are none of the risks associated with surgery for physical gastric bands.

As with all hypnotherapy techniques, weight management hypnotherapy works best when the client is committed to succeed. If you’re ready for real change, I will work with you to reach the outcome you’re looking for.

Please contact me for further information and  to book a free introductory session where we can discuss what will work best for you.