hypnotherapy chelmsfordJennie Stanton is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and nurse with years of NHS healthcare experience offering hypnotherapy in Chelmsford Essex and the surrounding areas.

Stress & Anxiety


We all experience stress in our lives.  Stress can be work related, pressure of deadlines, worries about bills and financial commitment, and also our relationships, families and bringing up children.  Anyone of these on its own can have a negative effect on both our emotional wellbeing and our physical wellbeing.  Often we have more than one of these stresses going on in our lives. 

How we deal with stress can change the negative impact is has....read more

Weight Management


Some fortunate people stay at a good weight for their height throughout their lives, but Many people have a history of struggling to keep a healthy weight. This can be for w few reasons - a sedentary lifestyle sitting a desk all day, some medications can cause weight gain, little exercise,eating in a hurry, eating for comfort and following childbirth and other reasons.  

Similarly most people who gain weight have tried diets and many types. Often losing weight only to put it all back on again throughout the following months.  

Having hypnotherapy for weight gain is a viable alternative....read more

Emotional Trauma & Heartbreak


We all remember our first teenage love and how we felt when it was all over! But as we get older, the pain of loss at the end of a relationship can be overwhelming, it can be difficult to cope and to move on. The feelings of hurt, betrayal and bitterness can last long after the relationship is over and become a real barrier to future happiness. Hypnotherapy is a gentle way to explore these feelings. I can teach you techniques to be able to view your emotions in a way that is no longer painful. I will help you to find the confidence, self-esteem and peace of mind to enjoy a happier future.

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